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Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology

AWARDS Software for Human Service Providers

The AWARDS application is comprised of three main components used for data management: General Information, Chart Records, and Administration. Each component contains several related modules used to perform various executive, fiscal, operational, and/or program services tasks. There are also several key Core Tools accessible from multiple locations within the application so that they are always within easy reach.

Human Services Software ScreenshotThe modules, features, and uses of the AWARDS application may vary from agency to agency as Foothold Technology offers a customized version of AWARDS to each customer that is tailored to its specific needs. AWARDS is a vastly detailed application with thousands of data-tracking options, and Foothold Technology recognizes that not all information that flows through the system is needed by all nonprofit organizations. Therefore, customized reports can be created, data fields can be added to or subtracted, and screens can be modified for each customer.

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