Health Risk Screening

Health Risk Screening


Health Risk Screening: Predictive, Proactive, Preventative

For individuals with significant, ongoing health requirements and service coordination needs, it is essential to provide a system that helps in evaluating and managing health risk. Routine screening for health risks will assist in focusing provision of health care resources on areas that will yield the best possible outcomes.

The Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) identifies and tracks health risks in vulnerable populations, making it possible to design a plan tailored to meet the unique health and safety needs of each individual in the least restrictive setting. The instrument can objectively justify resources allocated both financially and in service intensity.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies and addresses obstacles to a well-lived life
  • Assists with rate setting, budgeting, and equitable resource allocation
  • Effective in both a managed care and fee-for-service environment
  • Easy, low-cost implementation
  • Used by Case Managers, supervisors, and direct support professionals
  • Helps states comply with CMS Final Rule
  • Assists with Person-Centered planning and continuity of care
  • Field tested, reliable and user-friendly


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