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All Technology is Not the Same

10-20-2015 10:49AM

One of the things we find when states start working on developing their policies on use of technology is struggling to realize that not all technology is the same. When coming up with rules for consents, Human Rights review, documentation, etc. initially there is a tendency to throw all use of technology into one pot


Solo life in high tech home

10-24-2015 11:11AM

On a recent tour of his home, Jeremy Collins showed off his kitchen, his chair, his bed, his new shower. It's a dream come true for the 31-year-old who has Down syndrome, and who had lived in group homes all of his adult life. Since April, he's lived on his own in a Coon Rapids townhouse, with a web of support that includes his parents, his caregivers and landlords, Anoka County and a technology company that all work together to help him be safe and continue to grow in independence and confidence.


A Little Independence for Jake

10-24-2015 11:49AM

Discharged from a temporary Crisis Placement
One year of high school left
Desire to move into 3rd St. program
Serves 3 men in mid-early 20’s, all working
Each person had some type of compliance program, but fair amount freedom
One staff on duty 4:30 – 11:00 pm and 6:00 – 8:30 am
Sleep night staff (on-site on-call)

Age: 19

Diagnosis: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Behavior: Truancy, Not coming home after school, Socialize with others who take advantage of him, Lack of impulse control, Verbal aggression

Medical: None


A Family United –Julie, Devin and Josh

10-24-2015 11:52AM

- At 6 months Josh suffered 2nd degree burns on legs & back due to hot bath water
- Josh was placed in foster care
- Josh showing some delays due to lack of stimulation

Age: 25
Diagnosis: Dysthymic Disorder and Borderline Intellectual Functioning
Medical: None
Employment: Walgreens – night shift

Age: 27
Diagnosis: Delay in Development, unspecified
Medical: None
Employment: Car Wash - days

Age: 18 months
Diagnosis: None
Medical: None


Overnight Supervision

10-24-2015 11:55AM

Lived together for many years at house,
One staff 6 – 8:30 am and 5 – 10:30 pm
Sleep (on-site on-call) 10:30 pm – 6:00 am
Overnight staff Costs

Age: 39
Diagnosis: Mild MR, Anger Management
Medical: None
History: 7 years at 66th

Age: 52
Diagnosis: Moderate MR, Dyslexia
Medical: Nothing significant
History: 13 years at 66th

Age: 55
Diagnosis: Mild MR
Medical: Seizure Disorder
History: 13 years at 66th